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Needing a new brand for an initiative initially titled ‘Valuing Industry Partnerships’ that was created by the Student Leadership, Career Development and Employment Division, the University of Tasmania approached S. Group to assist in creating a distinctive look and feel that reflected their goals and appealed to their target market.

The University understood and embraced our creative ‘Chase Wonder’ process, sharing a full day (and night) collaborating in a brand audit workshop. The workshop led to an extraordinary discovery and a sense of strategic direction, and from here, Leap was conceived. We created more than simply a name or a logo; we created a personality, a story and a reason for the market to believe in the proposition.

As part of the development of the strategic direction document, a more detailed and customer-driven creative brief was formed in preparation for the visual execution of various communication collateral and branding.

Leap Pull Up Banner 1500 RGB
Leap Promotional Cards 1500 RGB
Leap Flyer Front 1500 RGB
“When we came to you last year I’ll admit I was surprised when you said you’d give us more than a logo, as at that stage that was all we were after. After last week where we saw Leap articulated and understood by all our key stakeholders, industry, senior management and our students, I finally understood and fully appreciate what Leap has become; and more to the point what it has the potential to become.”

– Kristin Warr, Head of Student Leadership, Career Development and Employment Student Experience

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