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We're thrilled to have worked with My Goodness Organics – pioneers of the organic, ready-made meal delivery market, based in Melbourne. They came to us for a refresh of their existing brand and the development of a new website.

In developing their brand, the goal was to create a premium, modern design while not losing sight of the warmth and quirkiness of their existing personality.

When it came to building their e-commerce site, MGO’s main goal was, of course, to convert site visits into purchases. As such, the purchasing ‘funnel’ was one of our main focuses, encouraging a seamless user journey from when they first land on the site, to browsing meal items and purchasing. Browsing menu options needed to be exceptional, quick and easy to understand.

The overall checkout process focused on creating conversions through as few clicks as possible. We also wanted to make return customers feel like VIPs, so we introduced a 2-3 click re-ordering system, which pre-fills their order and allows them to complete their checkout in under 30 seconds.

Given the nature of MGO’s business model, they have a cut-off time and date each week for customer to have their orders by. To avoid customers missing this deadline, we built a notifications system to allow customers to receive an email reminder 24 hours beforehand. Since its launch, this has noticeably improved late orders, easing stress for the MGO team and hungry customers!

With any e-commerce site, performance is key. Studies have shown that website speed directly affects user experience, and even more so for e-commerce sites. Often slow sites lead to a drop in sales, so speeding up their platform was a critical behind-the-scenes change. Upgrading the site to Craft CMS 3 and Craft Commerce 2 brought many performance improvements compared with their previous website.

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