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Established in 1986, Finance Brokers Tasmania (FBT) had held onto their original logo for a whopping 35 years. Insert: S. Group.

We worked closely with the team at FBT to audit their brand and marketing. We took a detailed look at their business, target audience, customers, competition, their competitive advantage, brand voice and personality, (take a breath), their brand positioning and current tag line, as well as researching industry trends and where the market is heading.

While FBT was (and is) already well-recognised throughout our state, with an increase in competition and the potential of targeting a younger audience, our aim was to modernise their brand so that it would appeal to a wider audience, without alienating their current clientele or losing the trusted brand recognition they’ve worked so hard to create.

We had a lot of fun with these guys, not only refreshing their brand but creating some inspiring videography and photography campaign assets... and most recently, launching their brand new website!

As well as maintaining a consistent brand feel to all other collateral, our team have worked hard to simplify the web experience, and dare we say it, even make it enjoyable! After all, taking that first step in purchasing a new car, applying for your first home or upgrading your business should be exciting, despite the application forms and compliance hoops you need to jump through!

We’ve included clear calls to action throughout, the ability to start your loan application online, logical user pathways, and even looked at ways we can ease people into their enquiries with a simple little quiz!

FBT Logo Reverse square
FBT Retractable Mockup 2
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FBT Window Mockup
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FBT had been utilising international triathlete Jake Birtwhistle as a brand ambassador since 2019, however during these past 12 months a lot has changed, so we were tasked with the challenge of creating a narrative about facing adversity and setbacks with tenacity and grit, encouraging and inspiring people to keep their eyes on the ultimate goal. Easy, right ;)

A little over a year ago, Jake was set to head to the Olympics and had been training hard to reach his dream. Enter 2020.

Our creatives drew inspiration from Jake’s story, creating an analogy between the financial industry and Jake’s Olympic dream being put on hold. The main aim was to inspire and encourage people to overcome challenges and never give up – whether it be chasing Olympic success or financial success and freedom (or any other way that the script relates to them).

Lots of collaboration, script changes, visual brainstorms, one early morning (sorry Jake) and a few late nights led us to this. The end result is a 30-second TVC as well as a 60-second video for social media.

Alongside the videos, we captured a suite of campaign photography - which meant that poor Jake had to stand out of the pool, on a freezing cold Tassie morning and try not to shiver (we’re still so sorry Jake).

FBT now have an array of campaign imagery at their disposal, which can be used in all forms of marketing and advertising.

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