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Those who know the S. team, know that we’re people people. So when a new client who works in wellbeing and workplace culture came to us wanting a new brand, we knew it would be the perfect partnership.

After a workshop and brand strategy which gave us insight into the business’ target market and competitive advantages, we went about creating a brand identity that would stand out from the crowd of generic, corporate HR services. The logo, based on the idea of people being unique, is designed to be animated or adapted to show different shapes and different colour combinations. This not only communicates approachability and variety, but reinforces the idea of uniqueness and the value of individuality.

The People Practice Logo Square 1
The People Practice Logo Square 4
The People Practice Logo Square 3
The People Practice Logo Square 2

We love rolling out a new brand across a range of different media, and when it comes to the website, our team love the challenge! As well as keeping the design visually consistent with other collateral, we always consider the target audience, to ensure that the content is structured in a logical manner, and the user experience is as simple as possible.

With this website we had fun incorporating illustrations that complement the brand, and add some personality to the content. For a site that includes a lot of written content, it was important to keep the overall style light, fun and approachable.

Not only are we super happy with the end result, but we’re confident this website sets our client apart from her competitors, and delivers an appealing user experience for her potential clients! You can check it out here.

The People Practice Website Mockup 01
The People Practice Website Mockup 03 Mobile
The People Practice Website Mockup 02 square

You’ve probably sussed out by now that our creative team had a lot of fun with this brand. With a playful logo, flexible colour palette and some cute graphic elements, we’ve produced a range of collateral that stands out from the crowd. From business cards and email signatures, to posters, flyers and pull-up banners, the overall feel of the brand is one that’s engaging, friendly and approachable. (Just like this client!)

The People Practice Collateral
The People Practice Collateral 03 Flyer Mockup
The People Practice Collateral 01 Business Card
The People Practice Collateral 02 Poster Mockup

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