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Focussing on authentic Nepalese and Indian cuisine, like many of our favourite local cafes and restaurants, Nanglo was hit hard by COVID-19.

Taking us up on our Free. Thinking. offer in early April, they reached out to us for support and advice in how to deal with the situation we all found ourselves in. From the development of the strategy to photography, website, and a digital marketing campaign, we're excited to be working with an amazing team of people at Nanglo.

When it came to the photography, our goal was to showcase the beautiful vibrant colours of their dishes by using dark backgrounds and letting the food shine through. Keep an eye out for their new website which will be launching soon!

These guys and gals are another super friendly client who provides amazing service to their customers. If you haven't tried them out yet, then you're missing out big time... so pay them a visit and support local!

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