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In our increasingly disrupted and unsettled world, agile marketing and communications are key to weathering the storm!

That's exactly what we did for our amazing clients at Earthy Eats recently. With restrictions placed on hospitality businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Laura and her team worked quickly to put together some isolation-friendly options that stuck by their ethos of wholesome, healthy, real food.

The priority for our client was to get a user-friendly and on-brand online presence happening as quickly as possible, which included an easy ordering system.

Less than a week later we launched their new website, featuring waste-free boxes of nutritious local produce, as well as an array of take-home prepared meals made lovingly in store. Needless to say our web team put this together in record time (made even easier by the drool-worthy photos supplied by our photographer, Ness).

To help promote the new range of products and delivery options, and point people towards the new website, we also put together a DL flyer and some social media posts. Even though everyone’s getting more digital-focused in this new environment, it was important that Earthy Eats also cater (no pun intended!) to a range of needs for their audience – some of their target market still prefer to get their hands on a traditional flyer, whilst others will be glued to Facebook and discover them that way.

Earthy Eats Website Hero 4000 RGB 300dpi
EE Online Menu Low Res RGB 72dpi 032
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Earthy Eats Flyer Inside 3000 RGB 300dpi
2 Earthy Eats Flyer Outside 2000 RGB 300dpi
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Earthy Eats Website Products 4000 RGB 300dpi
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