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When Girl Guides Tasmania came to us for some marketing advice, we were tasked with the challenge of making them relevant in today’s busy world.

After taking them through our workshop process and writing a marketing strategy, we determined that their marketing needed to be not just targeted to young girls, but also to older women who would love to volunteer and take advantage of the leadership opportunities Girl Guides can provide.

With this in mind, we set about producing a campaign that reminded our target audience of the fun times and benefits of Girl Guides.

Our campaign line, ‘Reconnect’, works on a range of different levels – not only playing on the nostalgia older women feel towards Girl Guides; but also on the idea of reconnecting with nature, with others, with yourself, and with your community.

Three different scenarios were captured in video, and accompanied by a suite of stills photography, used in social tiles and posters. Each video used a simple idea to highlight the contrast between our mundane everyday lives and the fun and excitement of Girl Guides.

As well as the initial marketing campaign, we have continued to work with Girl Guides Tasmania on a monthly basis, managing their social media presence. The consistency with branding – both visually and with the tone of voice – has lifted the Facebook and Instagram pages to a more on-brand, consistent and professional level, and seen a substantial increase in followers.

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Girl Guides 5100px 300dpi 17
Girl Guides 5100px 300dpi 13
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Girl Guides 5100px 300dpi 50
Girl Guides 5100px 300dpi 35
Girl Guides 5100px 300dpi 76
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Girl Guides 5100px 300dpi 72
J007017 GGT Social Trial
J007017 GGT Guide Law
J007017 GGT Social Tess Quote
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J007017 GGT Social Reconciliation
J007017 GGT Winter
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