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Like all great romantic stories, the story of Launceston Precision Jewellers began many years ago (140, in fact) and includes the passing on of family traditions, a love of the arts and a passion for bringing beauty to life. As our brand and marketing team came to know Ben Nichols, the current owner of LPJ, it became clear that this was a business that was about so much more than just jewellery – there was a focus on craftsmanship, collaboration with clients, and creating ‘art’ that had significance.

After writing a brand strategy, our team redesigned a brand that more accurately reflected the values and unique qualities of this business. The new brand identity is elegant, sophisticated and is a nod to tradition and history. Brand collateral emphasises the craftsmanship and focus on quality that is carried through everything that Ben and his team do.

It seems that we aren't the only people who love the new LPJ logo – this project was recently recognised and featured by our friends at Design Rush for 'best logo design'.

LPJ Business Card Square
LPJ Logo square2
LPJ Signage Square3

To convey the craftsmanship and focus on one-off pieces that Launceston Precision Jewellers are known for, it was important to show both sides of the business – the somewhat ‘grungy’, messy side of the ‘crafting’, alongside the quality and delicacy of the finished pieces. To us, the beauty is in the details, and the contrasts are illustrated through a focus on hands – Ben’s craftsman’s hands hard at work on the tools, versus the hands of a client and the details of fabrics and laces.

The suite of photography, used across their new website and on social media, will help consolidate LPJ as a business that offers a premium service of creating truly unique pieces for their clients.

LPJ Jan 2022 Web Res 48 1
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The updating of Launceston Precision Jewellers’ brand was carried out not only through the logo, but also shop signage, collateral such as business cards and email signatures, and importantly, the website.

With the inclusion of new photography, the website aims to convey the craftsmanship and care that goes into every carefully crafted piece of jewellery created by owner and master craftsman, Ben Nichols.

Just as important as the background about the LPJ team and their expertise, however, are the stories of clients themselves. (Afterall, their dreams – and their happiness – is what LPJ is all about!)

Explore the website for yourself and dive into the selection of client stories – perhaps it will be your dream, and your story, that will one day inspire others to take the leap and get LPJ to create a beautiful, custom piece of jewellery for that special someone in their life…

LPJ Website Phone
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