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What if you could change the world while you sleep? Change doesn't happen overnight, and that juxtaposition created the concept behind Change Overnight Hotel.

Change is the world's first social enterprise hotel, where you get to stay a night and support a cause.

So how does it work? Choose a room, choose a cause. For each night stayed a contribution is made to the charitable cause of your choice. You can literally wake up to a better world, and that's pretty awesome if you ask us!

We are super proud to have birthed this concept from deep within the S. Team; from dreaming up an idea that could create a positive impact on the world, to putting together a business model, brokering a property deal with a legendary local, and designing and creating a considered hotel, brand and experience that brought the idea to life.

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Brand + marketing

Our marketing team played a heavy hand in creating a considered brand experience, from booking through to check out. The concept 'from dark to light' is reflected in the architecture, branding and marketing through a black and white colour palette.

The brand we created truly reflects the notion of change, through the idea that it would not be static. The logo is in a continual state of flux, to reflect 'change' and speak to the idea that it is possible to put change in motion.

This informed the brand experience elements, such as the incredible murals that reflect the human life that can be positively impacted through your stay.

Change Web Portfolio 2000 RGB 300dpi 2
Change Web Portfolio 2000 RGB 300dpi 3
Change Web Portfolio 2000 RGB 300dpi 4
Change Web Portfolio 2000 RGB 300dpi 5

Web development & photography

After establishing a brand concept, our team got to work designing and developing a website that reflected the core values to the target market. Marketing a brand new hotel means communicating the value of the experience to guests from the first click. The concept behind the physical design of the space is reflected throughout the web content, and the stunning and emotive imagery of our photography team.

Change Launch RGB 300dpi 12
Change Launch RGB 300dpi 26
Change Launch RGB 300dpi 29
Change Launch RGB 300dpi 2
Change Hotel RGB 300dpi 5


The project brief was to fit a modern hotel of self-contained apartments within the existing building fabric. Our archi team did just that, transforming the upper levels from warehouse space into 18 apartments, ranging from 1-bed studios to a 3 bedroom penthouse.

The lower levels were and continue to operate as office spaces - which created unique construction challenges throughout the project. Despite this, the end product is an incredible development that works within the existing structural restraints to offer guests a unique stay in the heart of the CBD.

2 Bed Low Res RGB 300dpi 007
Penthouse Low Res RGB 300dpi 002

You'd struggle to spot this hotel from the street - the exterior of the building retained its key features and original character but was updated in keeping with the dark-to-light theme. Moody colour schemes throughout illustrated the contrast of light and dark, reflecting the brand positioning.

Internally, all of the layouts have been designed to offer optimal living spaces that have earned a big tick for energy efficiency. Plus the design provides private outdoor living spaces for each guest room, with all of the western rooms overlooking the Cataract Gorge and the northern rooms having expansive views of the Tamar Valley.

What's really nifty about this development is that each apartment has been designed to operate completely independently from the rest (including all services such as water, power, etc). So, when it's done being a hotel each apartment can be used as individual apartments or homes in the future!

Penthouse Low Res RGB 300dpi 007
2 Bed Low Res RGB 300dpi 001
Change Hotel RGB 300dpi 14
2 Bed Low Res RGB 300dpi 005
Penthouse Low Res RGB 300dpi 014
Change Hotel RGB 300dpi 26
Change Hotel RGB 300dpi 1
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Change Launch RGB 300dpi 5
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